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Refund Policy

  • To err is human, we at Print Broking try to ensure you the best quality of orders that can be accurately filled on time and of the highest possible quality. We are humans and make mistakes. So we assure you to handle our mistakes to earn our clients trust.
  • We do have space for return and refund of payment if ever you are not satisfied with our service:
    • If items are damaged
    • Quality of printing is not matching the standards that we agreed upon
    • Final product that is designed is different from the quality of material or the design that we have finalized
  • We do accept the return and refund the payments for the product that has an authorized return number. For more details you can talk to our customer service representative for the return and refund information.

Print Broking Return Policy

  • Here at Print Broking Printing Services, we take pride in giving you - our client - with precisely what you need. Since we remain behind our work, we are glad to offer a cash back assurance.

Conceivable Reasons for Return

  • Because of the way of custom print broking printing and weaving, Print Broking Printing Services will just replace faulty things or discount installment for a request that you are not totally fulfilled by us if one or a greater amount occurs.

How to Request a Return

  • Return can be claimed within the 7 business days of receiving your order. All the printings should be returned in order to receive the replaced prints.

Personal Information

  • We won't give out any data you submit at our site to any outsiders with the exception of in agreeability with a solicitation of a law by our organization. By no means will your name, email, telephone number or location be sold to, or given to some other gatherings. We will never unshakably offer, rent, or lease any of your or your business' by and by identifiable data to any outsider.

Gathered Information

  • Your own data is gathered through our contact frames just. This site as of now has no applications or projects that assemble data from your PC without your assent. Clients are obliged to issue us contact data and demographic data. Certain data, for example, your email location, is gathered to confirm your character and for utilization in our records. Data gathered at this site is kept in our records just the length of is important to give asked for administrations to our customers.

Email Policy

  • It is our EMAIL POLICY that we never send any EMAIL from any email location to request your business that is not straightforwardly identified with our line of business. Shockingly, EMAIL parodying is widespread over the globe, and because of the prominence of our site we at times see EMAIL rebounded back to us from servers as undeliverable. This is a sign that somebody has deliberately replicated our email address and sent spam email coordinating individuals to some connection or site inconsequential to printbrokimg.com. It gives the idea that the email is from us, however its NOT, it has been parody. Every single such episode are not to our Webmaster and examined in like manner. We do apologize for any damage.

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I just became a supporter of Printbroking. Check out https://printbroking.com
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I just became a supporter of Printbroking. Check out https://printbroking.com
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